St. John’s Ashwood

St. John's Ashwood:  Faith and Heritage

Nestled in the heart of the Ashwood community, six miles south of Columbia, Tennessee, stands St. John’s Episcopal Church – a beacon of history and tradition. Constructed on the Polk Plantation under the guidance of Leonidas Polk, who later became Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana, St. John’s was completed in 1842 after three years of meticulous work. This church has been a witness to history, actively serving in the Diocese of Tennessee until 1915 and even transforming into a hospital for the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Today, St. John’s holds a special place in the heart of our church community. It is not just a structure from the past, but a living part of our present. 

Behind the scenes, a dedicated St. Peter’s committee and board of directors work tirelessly to preserve this historic treasure. 

Once a year, typically in May, we honor this heritage with a special Whitsunday service at St. John’s. This unique service is a special experience, mirroring the songs, readings, and traditions of the 1800s.

Join us in our annual Whitsunday pilgrimage to St. John’s.

Whitsunday is more than a visit to an old church; it’s a journey through time and a celebration of our enduring faith. St. John’s Ashwood is not merely a chapter in our history; it’s a vibrant, ongoing story of faith, community, and heritage.

Join us!

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